Reed Memorial

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Reed Memorial is a nature reserve located a few miles south of Lee Summit, Missouri. Over 3,000 acres of trails, woodland, prairie, and twelve fishing lakes. Ten of these lakes are open to the general public, one is a kids only pond, and the other is open only by reservation for groups. Catfish, Largemouth Bass and Trout populations are all good, with Crappie, Panfish, and Wiper present as well. Pond size ranges from the one acre kids ponds up to 42 acres, all are easily accessible.  See link below for a map of Reed Memorial Wildlife Area:

Yesterday was my second trip to Reed Memorial. We fished three lakes: Bodarc, Bluestem, and Catclaw. Between the three of us we caught 11 Largemouth Bass, with the largest being 4 1/2 lbs. Fishing was tough and reliant completely on finesse techniques: fishing near structure and shade, but from what we saw and heard from others we were wildly successful. Give it a few weeks to allow for cooler weather and it should be hot with much more active fish. Overall it has loads of potential, the rumor of 8-9 lb Largemouth and 10 lb Wiper, and is very scenic. If you live in the KC area and fish, Reed Memorial needs to be on you list of spots to hit this fall.  Here are the pictures: 

View of Bodarc Lake

Bret Wacky Rigging.

Derek's first fish of the day, a monster largemouth. I have to give him a hard time for this small one because he caught 6 of the 11 bass that day. 

Structure and shade were the keys.

Fantastic 4 1/2 lb largemouth caught by Derek. Wacky Rig. 



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Bret and I were messing around at the pond the other day for a half hour or so and came up with an interesting catch. While retrieving his worm, a large bullfrog decided that plastic worm was on the menu for the day and soon enough ended up on the end of a hook. Worry not, we were able to get him off easily enough but it was still unexpected. 

We also caught a largemouth each. No Boga Grip so not sure on weight. At the moment I am only able to upload the picture of my fish due to technical issues but we will try and get Bret's fish up soon.