Year in Review

Monday, January 09, 2012 2 Comments

It was a good year of angling for me this year. I learned a lot of new skills, caught a few new species of fish, and honed in the skills I already have. I purchased my first boat, my kayak, which I still baby and love. And I was able to fish a lot of new water. More importantly it is the experiences shared with nature, friends, and family that I cherish most. Ultimately that is what fishing is about--the process. It's tying the knots, reading the water, putting down your rod to observe a sunset, jokes with friends, dreaming of tight lines, countless hours researching and studying technique, and that constant itch be on the water. I love to fish and I am incredibly passionate about it. 

New water I fished included: the Driftless in Iowa, the White River in Arkansas, Milford and Kingman in Kansas. Kingman still leaves a dirty taste in my mouth as it got the better of me in my pursuit of esox, but I will be back in early spring of this year to renew my pursuit of teeth. Location-wise my only regret is that this year is the first in several where I didn't make a trip up north to Minnesota. Minnesota will always be a special place for me: its where I learned to fish, where vegetation in lakes is the rule rather than exception, and where those species nearest to my heart (Pike, Muskellunge, Smallmouth, and Walleye) are most prominent. Hopefully this year!

I also caught several new species this year. First Brown Trout(s) ever and first Rainbow's on a fly rod. Caught my first Carp and gained a whole new respect for this often overlooked species, and on the rough fish side I also caught my first Gar (Shortnose) and first Smallmouth Buffalo (14lbs, biggest fish of the year). 

My home water remains Clinton, and while there are far better fisheries in the state, I always enjoy my time spent there. My guilty pleasure remains my honey hole pond, chalk-full of 2-5 lb largemouth bass. 

It was a great year, here's to the expectation and hope that 2012 will be an even more productive year of angling.