DVD Review: Connect

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 , 2 Comments

Following ground breaking movies Drift, and Rise, Confluence Films has brought us a new fly fishing film named, Connect. Quite simply I think this is the best yet from Confluence. The locations are exotic, the anglers superb, and most markedly--dynamic cinematography. Simply put, Connect is eye candy sure to make any angler weak in the knees.

The documentary travels to Africa for Tigerfish, Yellowstone for Trout, Maine for Stripped Bass, Cuba chasing Permit and Tarpon, Yamame in Japan, and Pike in Alaska. 

Again I cannot, emphasize enough how beautiful this film is to watch. Fishing aside, you want to be where the anglers are just to be able to take in the scenery. Further I felt this film focused less on the personalities of the anglers themselves and more on the locations and angling than the previous films. This means less talking and more eye candy. 

Great film, easily one of the best I have seen. Do yourself a favor and watch it. You wont be disappointed. Below I  have posted a link to the trailer. 

Connect Trailer


Pond Cranking

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 , 1 Comments

With the high winds this month, when I have been able to get onto the water I have been fly fishing less and engaging in conventional styles a bit more. Coupled with the long hours I have been working at my new job, time on the water has been limited. That said I have been visiting my favorite pond quite often and throwing crankbaits with a lot of success until the past week or so. Fish have been ranging from 1 to 3 1/2 lbs. Green, sexy shad, and bluegill have been my dominant patterns, with a slow steady retrieve being the most productive. All fish have been in 12+ feet of water. 

3 1/2 lb Largemouth. 17-20 Feet Deep. Strike King Series 6 Green. 

Little football shaped 11/2 lb Largemouth. Bluegill pattern. 

Another on the Bluegill pattern.


3 lb Largemouth. Sexy Shad Pattern. 15ft Deep. 

As I noted, my last trip was completely unproductive. I have a feeling that with first ice the metabolism of the Bass has slowed considerably, making them reluctant to move for a crankbait. I hope to return later this week or next to test this theory and by using large Texas-rigged worms and Jigs to hopefully catch a few more fish before the pond completely ices over. 


Lake Henry Trout

Thursday, December 01, 2011 , , 1 Comments

After a failed attempt to catch trout at Lake Shawnee I decided to give Lawrence's own trout hole a try. Now I have some reservations about Lake Henry. The idea of a put and take fishery is not exactly appealing for an angler like myself who prides in the catch and release mentality. Its not that I am against stocking fish, that in itself is necessary to meet the fishing demands in many fisheries across the country, however stocking trout in a lake that is unable to sustain them year long is a bit disconcerning when you think about it. That aside I guess I shouldn't be too critical as I do participate in fishing there. 

I spent about an hour and a half fishing Lake Henry, totaled 4 trout, all on a black wooly bugger with fly rod. 

First of the day, quite the acrobat coming in. 

This one seemingly had inflamed gills. Not sure what would cause that. 

Beautiful and largest trout of the day, 1 1/2 lb. 

Another pretty but small Rainbow.