Carpin' and Cattin'

Monday, October 10, 2011 , , , 2 Comments

Ended the last few warm days of summer this year targeting carp and catfish on my fly rod. I had previously tried to catch both species on a fly rod but had proved unsuccessful. At Ron's suggestion I went to the feeder stations at Clinton Lake and cast Wooly Buggers and Carp Candies. I ended up catching several channel catfish and carp. The Catfish were all between 2-3 lbs and the Carp were between 2 and 6 1/2 lbs. Some days you could only trigger them when the feeder went off, other days we were able to catch them using a VERY slow retrieve on the periphery. While I know to Carp purists I still have a long way before sight casting with a fly, it was a great time and a blast to fight some larger fish. 

My first Carp, ever... 2 lb's Green and Brown Wooly Bugger. 

3 lb Channel Cat, First Ever on a Fly Rod. Green/Brown Wooly Bugger. 

4 lb Carp Bret Wrangled from feeder of Dock 3. Black Carp Candy. 

1 1/2 lb Catfish. Green/Brown Wooly Bugger. 

4 lb Common Carp. Feeder by the Marina at Clinton Lake. Green Carp Candy. 

The "magical" Wooly Bugger responsible for so many of these fish. 

2 lb Channel Cat. Green Carp Candy. 

2 lb Carp. Green/Brown Wooly Bugger. 

3 lb Carp Green Carp Candy. 

Thats right, double trouble! Bret and I both with carp on at the same time in the Kayak. 

4 lb Common Carp by Bret. Carp Tease Fly. 

6 1/2 Common Carp. This monster put up quite a fight and was the last one of the season. Good way to end the season. Green/Brown Wooly Bugger. 


FishnDave said...

Wow, that looks like a very fun trip. Carp and catfish are both awesome fighters on fly gear. Is that an 8wt Echo Ion rod? If so, I have an identical set-up I like to use for carp (along with the Konic reel).

Atlas said...

Yes, it is that exact same setup. Performs nicely on Carp, Cats, and Gar.