How to tie the Crappie Candy Fly

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 , 12 Comments

While Sarges Crappie Fly may be my go to fly while crappie fishing, when the fish are shallower or perhaps a bit more wary, my next choice is always the Crappie Candy. In fact, a few years ago I even used it in a local tournament where we were only able to use one fly the entire time and I won. I believe the original pattern is by Al Campbell. Typically I tie this pattern in some combination of white and chartreuse, however, I have found an all black body and tail with red crystal flash and red buck tail work very well in dingy water. All bodies of water are different, experiment with a few different colors and see what works in your lakes and ponds. It is an easy pattern to tie and I am sure it will help you catch many crappie, panfish, and even smaller bass. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do. 

Size 8-12 Streamer Hook
Thread 6/0
Crystal Flash
Thin Chenille
Bead chain eyes

Step 1
Tie in bead chain eyes near eye of hook.

Step 2
Tie in Marabou Tail. 

Step 3
Invert fly, tie in crystal flash and a thin chenille.

Step 4
Palmer forward chenille, tie off and trim just behind bead chain eyes.

Step 5
Grasp your strands of crystal flash, pulling them towards eye of hook. Secure with thread both behind and in front of bead chain. 

Step 6
Now pull crystal flash back towards the hook. Secure behind bead chain eyes with thread. 

Step 7
Return fly to upright position. Take a few strands of buck tail, tie in both in front and behind bead chain. 

Step 8
Whip finish and cut thread. Add a drop of head cement to both the nose of the fly and atop the beach chain to prevent the eyes from twisting. Trim both the crystal flash and buck tail to a length where they will protrude just to the beginning of the bend of the hook. Fly is finished. 


cofisher said...

Nice fly. I can use this for bluegill and bass as well. Happy New Year!

Atlas said...

Indeed, it is very versatile. Happy New Year to you as well sir.

Unknown said...

EZ breeze ty I like it!

Atlas said...

Thanks Kevin. Sometimes the simplest patterns are the most effective.

Mark Kautz said...

Happy New Year. I'll ad this one to my fly list and get to it next spring.

Atlas said...

Happy New Year to you as well Mark.

looknfishy said...

Happy new yr!! I've been researching tying next endeavor.

Atlas said...

The vice I tied this on is a Danvice, no longer my primary, but a great value and I still use it often.

Mel said...

Thanks for taking the time to do a visual of how you tie the Crappie Candy. I did not have a good Crappie year in 2014, hence, I have not provided you any feedback on the samples you sent me to fish. Things will change in 2015!

Atlas said...

You are welcome and no worries at all sir. I hope you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas and new year.

What an awesome pattern for crappie. Tipping the tip of the hook with a crappie nibblet makes it even more deadly. Thanks for sharing---glad to back with you guys

Atlas said...

Bill, wonderful to see hear from you! Hope all is well, and thank you for reading.