DVD Review: Connect

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 , 2 Comments

Following ground breaking movies Drift, and Rise, Confluence Films has brought us a new fly fishing film named, Connect. Quite simply I think this is the best yet from Confluence. The locations are exotic, the anglers superb, and most markedly--dynamic cinematography. Simply put, Connect is eye candy sure to make any angler weak in the knees.

The documentary travels to Africa for Tigerfish, Yellowstone for Trout, Maine for Stripped Bass, Cuba chasing Permit and Tarpon, Yamame in Japan, and Pike in Alaska. 

Again I cannot, emphasize enough how beautiful this film is to watch. Fishing aside, you want to be where the anglers are just to be able to take in the scenery. Further I felt this film focused less on the personalities of the anglers themselves and more on the locations and angling than the previous films. This means less talking and more eye candy. 

Great film, easily one of the best I have seen. Do yourself a favor and watch it. You wont be disappointed. Below I  have posted a link to the trailer. 

Connect Trailer


This DVD is on my Christmas "wish list" so I hope to be seeing it firsthand if I'm lucky. Hopefully santa hasn't been watching too closely and brings me something despite my behavior!! I havn't seen a bad film from these guys yet , great fish porn and scenery for sure.

Atlas said...

I agree, all three films are fantastic, though I thought this was the best yet! You will have to let me know what you think!