Driftless Fly Recommendations and Hatches

Thursday, February 20, 2014 6 Comments

I attended an event last night regarding fishing in the Driftless and picked this up. The Driftless is by far one of my favorite places to fish and if you haven't been I highly recommend it. So much water and a variety of streams. The chart notes it is for Wisconsin, but I am sure it would prove useful for the Minnesota and Iowa side of the Driftless as well. 


FishnDave said...

Great info! Thanks for posting this.

Atlas said...

Not a problem, I am sure it will prove useful to many of us.

I know now why those midges and scuds are so popular, one can fish these things all year long. This is a great piece of info. I am making a copy for future use. Thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Yeah Zebra midges have been really successful for me there for sure. Glad it could help.

Blake said...

copied and pasted to the desktop, thanks for that share.

sounds like you'll be heading back to Wisconsin this year

Atlas said...

Blake, I will be back to the Driftless for sure this year. Most likely on the Iowa side of things though since that is closer to my parents place.