Product Review: Boga Grip

Thursday, April 29, 2010 0 Comments

I love the Boga Grip. The Boga Grip has two main functions: serves as a tool to land and hold fish while removing the hook while keeping the mouth open, and secondly it accurately weighs your fish. So accurate that you can send it in to be certified so that fish caught and weighed on the Boga Grip can be submited for World, National, and State records, as well as fly line tippet class records. For example: record largemouth caught on a 6x, or 12x so forth fly tippet. Records are kept for each class. 

A major benefit of using the Boga Grip to land fish is that when using a net the lure will often get caught up in the net. Currently they make the Boga Grip in three sizes: 15 lbs, 30 lbs, and 60 lbs. I have the 30 lb version. Typically the 15 and 30 lbs versions are the same price but you have quite a price jump for the 60 lbs. There are other brands similar but from the reviews I have read as well as talking to other guys at the fly shop say they are worthless when compared. You will see me using it in many of my pictures. 

The website for Boga Grip is: