Wiper Run II

Saturday, April 24, 2010 , , 3 Comments

Wow, what can I say. Tonight was by far the best night of fishing yet this year. I caught five Wiper over 4 lbs, two Walleye, and well over a dozen smaller Wiper, not to mention my first Wiper on a fly rod. The Walleye were around two pounds and the biggest Wiper was 4 1/2 pounds. Bret also caught his first Walleye but we forgot to take pictures with it. The key to the big Wiper we discovered this evening was to wait until dark and to use floating crankbaits 3-5 inches long. Walleye were still caught on spoons. Pictures below. 

Pulling Fly Line

First Wiper on a Fly Rod

Nice little Walleye

Bret Fishing

4 lb Wiper from an F11 Original Rapala. 

Nice Wiper from Bret. 


Bret said...

Well done my friend. This is a very nice looking blog. Can't say that I have really visited many but this is put together rather handsomely. I definately don't feel bad about putting my ugly mug on here. Hopefully we can get another night like last one soon on the lake.

Atlas said...
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Atlas said...

Haha holy shit man, my loop is soooo wide in that shot of me casting that fly rod. There's the inexperience showing of only fishing with a fly rod for a year now.