Clinton Lake Crappie

Sunday, April 27, 2014 , , 18 Comments

It is hard to beat large Crappie on a fly rod. The action is continuous and some of these slabs can put up quite the fight. For me Crappie season signals the official start of spring and warm water fishing. So the other day I went to my local home water, Clinton Lake and threw a fly for a few hours, landing dozens of Crappie. I only stopped when I eventually was crowded out by others (I prefer solitude while fishing, and thus tend to vacate an area when too many people arrive). Still it was a lot of fun and I hope to get back down there later this week for round two. All were caught on a Sarge's Crappie Fly, casting parallel to the banks. Here are a few of the willing participants: 


Nice fish! Did you catch enough keepers to get the deep fryer out?
I need to get down to Hilsdale and try it one evening I guess...

Wow, those are some really nice Crappie. Happy to hear your warm water season is officially started. We are still struggling a bit with weather patterns, but, I hope to be fishing some Crappie soon. Thanks for sharing.

Howard said...

Nice going! That's a great fish.

Those are some nice Crappie especially that last tubbo.

Atlas said...

Jeff, didn't keep any from that trip but may next outing. And yes, I hear Hillsdale is doing even better.

Atlas said...

Mel, can't wait to see some pictures of your Crappie, I am sure the weather will cooperate soon.

Atlas said...

Thanks Howard, they weren't too bad at all for Crappie.

Kevin Frank said...

Crappie are fun. I haven't caught many big ones but the ones that were over 12 inches tricked me into thinking they were bass at first.

Blake said...

dam Atlas, that first fish is a freakin slab

i love the color combo on that fly

neon green tail and hot spot red eyes

sure to draw the fish in from a distance

Atlas said...

Kevin, that first Crappie in the photos, I thought it was a big White Bass coming in the way it fought, lots of fun for sure. And Blake, I will be doing a post soon on that pattern, its one of my favorites for sure when it comes to Crappie fishing.

damn those are some nice pictures. What kinda of camera are you using?

Atlas said...

Nothing too special, just a waterproof Olympus.

FishnDave said...

I was going to say what Kevin already said...Crappies over 12" DO fight like bass!
Great report and pictures!

Atlas said...

Thanks Dave, there are some big ones in this lake for sure, can't wait to hopefully get back out there if time allows.

So jealous. I havent found the crappie yet. It's been tough for all though.

I'm still after my first crappie with the fly rod. Congrats on a great outing. Thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Bill, thanks for the comment. Soon I will be posting a fly pattern called Sarge's Crappie Fly. It is killer on Crappie and may help you out.

I'm really diggin' the look of that pattern you're tossin'!

It's always a pleasant surprise to me to see a crappie on the other end of my line when fly fishing. They're so much fun when you find their hole.