New Boat

Monday, July 11, 2011 0 Comments

I recently purchased a used Native Ultimate 14.5 Tandem Fishing Kayak. I love it! Finally I have the freedom to fish where I want to rather than being relegated to the shoreline. I is very stable, you can even stand in it and has plenty of storage, well for a Kayak! It is 14' 8 " long and weighs about 80 lbs, but I can still load and unload it easily from my SUV by myself. Even when not fishing it has been such a joy and a good workout to take it to area lakes and just paddle around. I cannot emphasize how happy and impressed I am with it. I foresee much better fishing and recreation in the future.

Loaded up and ready to fish the One Fly Tournament.

Paddling at Douglas County Lake for fun! 

Secures easily to my top rack.

At nearly 15' it dwarfs my car by a bit!