One Fly Tournament

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 , 0 Comments

The Free State Fly Fishing Club hosted its annual One Fly Tournament late last month. The rules were you were only allowed to use one fly, if you lost that fly you had to stop counting. Person with the most fish after 1 hour and 15 minutes would win. There were two categories a float group and a wading group. No motorized boats or non-fly tackle. Most of the people had never fished the lake, which was a small private lake just north of Perry. Seventeen people participated, 12 in the float group and 5 in the wading group.I took my kayak, six weight fly rod and tied up a variation of a crappie candy as my fly of choice. In order to help prevent a premature break-off I used a fluorocarbon leader with no tippet. I  anchored in a corner of the lake where I could access the weed line on three sides and started casting when the time began. To my surprise an hour later I had landed 44 Largemouth Bass! I won the float group and overall was the winner of the entire tournament. First tournament I have ever entered and I won. I was pretty excited. 

Here are the overall results: 

Float Group 1st} Bryan Dale 44 
                    2nd} Mike Hough and Keith Romero 31
                    3rd} Mike Zimmerman 27 

Wade Group 1st} Mike Hudson 36
                    2nd} Sheryl Beier 29
                    3rd} Bret Reimer 17

View of the corner of the lake I decided to anchor in. 

Sign In. The fee was $10 for the tournament with all proceeds going to the Red Cross to help tornado victims in Joplin. 

Club Members getting ready upon arrival. 

The Winning Fly, 44 Largemouth Bass later. Though it is a variation of a Crappie Candy, I need to think of a name for this fly. The coloration, size,  and added hackle make it a much different fly.