Triple Header

Sunday, May 20, 2012 , , 1 Comments

I love exploring new waters, so a while back while driving to Reed Memorial I located a promising looking lake named Lone Jack, on the Missouri side of Kansas City, northeast of Lee Summit. So several months later I got the longing, and time, to do some hardcore worm fishing for bass on a conventional rod. My impressions: beautiful lake, crystal clear, small enough to navigate the entire lake easily from a kayak or canoe and plenty of Largemouth. I fished Lone Jack for 3 hours, though I planned on staying the whole day. Unfortunately I was stupid and forgot to bring water. Needless to say, three hours in a boat, in low 90's heat and one starts to feel ill. In that time I caught only 2 largemouth. Due to the clarity, the fish were a bit spookish, making me think a fly rod would have been a great option for a more subtle approach. That said it was a great lake and I will return soon. 

Lone Jack Lake, sorry for the poor picture quality on this one.

Also both fish I caught were small, maybe 1 lb'ish. But I saw several 4-5+ lb fish cruising by just couldn't get them interested. Secondly, I did have my 8 wt fly rod with me but brought only carp flies, that being said I cast to some monster grass carp, 20-35 lb range, and hooked into one for the first time of my life. Unfortunately he shook it off after about 15 seconds. Still a huge rush. 

First Largemouth, 1 lb, Second cast of the day, Wacky Rig. 

Little Guy, Wacky Rig as were all Bass that day. 

After getting some water, and recuperating a bit, I decided to keep fishing, so headed a bit east to Lake Lenexa in Johnson County. Not a bad little lake in the midst of the suburbs. Though I suspect it gets lots of pressure. I have fished there once before but nothing was of any size, so I thought I would see how/if the kids had grown up. Caught 2 of weed lines. Still pretty small fellas. 

Lake Lenexa

Numero Uno


Having a bit of fun, a time to spare, I thought why not hit one more fishery and make it a triple header. So I left Lake Lenexa and headed to my local honey hole. There I caught 7 more Largemouth, again, and unfortunately, nothing of size. Here are two. 

Bass and Weed.

Good day, lets head home. 


That looks like fun...nothing wrong with that day at all.