Sarge's Crappie Fly

Saturday, May 17, 2014 , 9 Comments

Sarge's Crappie Fly is a local favorite and an original pattern developed by a member of my local Fly Fishing Federation Club. Simply a killer pattern it is my go to pattern when targeting Crappie. I have received some requests for what flies I use when chasing Crappie so I thought I would share this one with you all first. Hope it helps you bring to hand as many Crappie as it has for me. 

Size 8 Streamer Hook
Chartreuse Marabou
Chartreuse Thread 6/0
Small Dumbell Eyes
Gold Wire
6 Strands Peacock Herl
Grizzly Hackle

Step 1:
Tie in dumbell eyes close to eye of hook.

Step 2:
Tie in marabout tail, tail should equal length of hook.

Step 3:
Tie in peacock herl, gold wire, and grizzly hackle near bend of hook.

Step 4:
To create the body of the fly, palmer peacock herl forward towards eyes, secure and cut.

Step 5: 
Palmer forward the Grizzly Hackle opposite the direction of the peacock herl, secure and cut.

Step 6:
Advance Gold Wire through the Hackle, this gives strength and longevity to the fly, secure and cut behind the eyes. Whip finish and apply head cement.


Fantastic looking crappie pattern; I see why this fly is so awesome, color, chartruse is a go to color for crappie. Thanks for sharing this great pattern!!

Atlas said...

Bill, glad I could share. I have a few others I will share with you shortly for crappie.

Mel said...

Looks great. Have to run to the fly tying supplier to get some eyes that color. I would assume that makes a difference in the fly. I am all ears on other Crappie patterns, Bryan!

Atlas said...

Mel, I am sure the red eyes help a touch for sure, but that being said I have had luck with other color dumbbell eyes as well. My favorite part of this pattern is actually using the peacock herl for a body, really adds something to it and plays with the light well. Thanks for the comment.

CARF said...

That's a very nice looking pattern. I can see that it's productive from your last post. I'll have to tie up some of these for my box. Thanks, for sharing!

Hibernation said...

Cool looking fly there Atlas!

Juan said...

I can testify from first hand experience that this fly WORKS!!

Atlas said...

Thanks guys for the comments! As Juan said, it is one great fly and really produces when it comes to Crappie.

Blake said...

no doubt that thing works atlas, its a winner