Thanksgiving Fishing

Monday, December 03, 2012 , 3 Comments

This is a few weeks late but I went fishing at Lake Shawnee in Topeka hoping to catch some Rainbow Trout on Thanksgiving. It was my third attempt there in two years and I remain skunked on trout there. I must have a curse with that place. I did have a hookup, with what would have been the largest rainbow of my life, he of course broke off within seconds. I primarily used Wooly Buggers but switched to some nymph patterns temporarily but only caught shad. Oh well perhaps next time. I did catch a few Bluegill, Wiper, a Crappie and a Largemouth so I still had a good time and you couldn't beat the weather. Here are the pictures: nothing too sexy. 


FishnDave said...

That's an awesome multispecies flyfishing outing...especially for DECEMBER! :)

Atlas said...

Yeah I can't believe how warm it is. It was 75* here today in Kansas.

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