Elk River

Wednesday, July 03, 2013 , , , 4 Comments

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of creating this blog for me, has been the opportunity to meet new people, fellow anglers, and share in the camaraderie and passion for the outdoors with people I would have otherwise never met. When distance permits, those contacts can create new fishing buddies and evolve into new adventures. Yesterday I had one of those opportunities as I met up with Jeff of High Plains Fly Fisher and Kevin from Fly Waters Edge. I have been able to fish with Jeff once before, had a blast, and it was great to meet Kevin and he shared some flies with me that made my day very successful.  We fished the Elk River in the Ozarks searching for Smallies. We caught a lot of fish but no footballs and I caught my first, well my first three Longear Sunfish of my life. I couldn't believe how pretty these fish were. Besides lots of Smallmouth Bass we also caught quite a few Largemouth and Bluegill as well. By far the most productive pattern for me was the Diablo Hopper tied by Kevin. I easily caught well over 20 fish if not 30 and owe most of that to the hopper pattern. Quantity we did very well but just weren't able to produce the quality of fish we knew the fishery was capable of affording. In part this may have been due to the excess boat traffic due the the upcoming holiday. Overall, it was a great time and I can not wait to throw line again with these guys soon. 


I agree blogging has afforded me the opportunity to meet some of the best of the best when it comes to fly fishing; and you guys fall into my circle.
Those are some awesome looking bass and gills you guys landed, especially the colorful sun perch, which is what we use to call this bluegill in Mississippi. Landing a smallmouth on the fly has got to be the ultimate. Thanks for sharing

Same here, had a blast and really enjoyed the day. We'll get the big one next time. I'll fish with ya anytime just let know when and where!

Atlas said...

Hey guys thank you both. Smallies on a fly rod are pretty awesome. Such ornery guys, they will really put a bend in your rod.

Josh said...

I follow Kevin and Jeff too. I fish a lot on the Elk river in MO too and from the looks of it, at some of the same locations too. I've got to tie up that Diablo hopper. That streams is amazing smallmouth fishing.