Beginning of Summer, Equals the Beginning of Carp Season

Thursday, June 27, 2013 , , 2 Comments

Summer is finally here and there is perhaps no better sign of the season for the fly angler than heads down and tails up of our wary friend, Cyprinus.  Water has finally risen somewhat at Clinton Lake; a few weeks ago we were down 6 ft and now are only down a foot and a half from normal pool. On top of that, the water was miraculously clear for this notoriously mucky lake. Mix in low 90* weather and it can only mean one thing--chasing Carp on the bank. I started off throwing an olive wooly bugger and landed two fish, while a third bent my hook. Winds averaged around 15 mph which, though it impacted my casting ability, allowed me to get much closer to the fish without spooking them.

However effective the olive wooly bugger may have proved itself that day, I soon grew tired of the fly getting tied up in the rip rap and switched to a hopper/dropper rig. With an egg pattern on the dropper end. This would produce two more carp for the day. 


I really like the fight of this fish but not its looks--congrats on landing that beast.

Atlas said...

They aren't the prettiest that is for sure, but loads of fun.