We Live In A Beautiful World

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 , , 11 Comments

Indeed, at the title suggests we truly live in a beautiful world surrounded by captivating natural wonders. One of the true pleasures and perks of being a fly fisherman is that in pursuit of our sport we love it often takes us to some of the most stunning locals. Next time you are on the water lay down your rod for just a moment, take a deep breath and just enjoy a moment of solace amongst all that nature offers. In this spirit I thought I would share with you a video short from the guys at Pesca Patagonia. I think it will brighten everyones day who watches it and bring a moment of temporary peace to our hectic lives.


That is one gorgeous river. I've been told I spent too much time smelling roses and not enough catching fish. Oh well...

Atlas said...

It sure would be a treat to someday go to British Columbia. Looks incredible doesn't it.

It is so beautiful there.

TexWisGirl said...

i don't fish - no matter, the video gave me chills. a great share. nature stirs the soul. :)

Unbelievable scenery, with an outstanding river as a bonus. Thanks for sharing

Couldn't agree more! Fly fishing takes us to some pretty amazing locations and the challenge is to just stop and enjoy it! Beautiful clip. Thanks for sharing. Fishing BC is a bucket lister

I enjoyed that. The scenery in the video is amazing. I'm all for stopping and taking in all that surrounds me when I'm out on the water. This video also has me thinking, I need a drone. Haha

Atlas said...

I am thinking like you Justin, first thought was how do I fit a drone into my fishing budget.

Hi Atlas, my husband and I are big hikers, we spend part of our summers in the Pacific Northwest mostly outdoors. Loved this video, thanks for sharing!

my husband & i fish, or should i say we try to...but, hey! just being outdoors, in nature...we go home happy with or without fish. never tried fly fishing. have always thought it looked pretty cool to try. loved the video. beautiful!

Atlas said...

Thank you so much Cheri and Laura for stopping by and visiting. I am glad you guys enjoyed the video and welcome to my blog!