Lake Henry Trout

Thursday, December 01, 2011 , , 1 Comments

After a failed attempt to catch trout at Lake Shawnee I decided to give Lawrence's own trout hole a try. Now I have some reservations about Lake Henry. The idea of a put and take fishery is not exactly appealing for an angler like myself who prides in the catch and release mentality. Its not that I am against stocking fish, that in itself is necessary to meet the fishing demands in many fisheries across the country, however stocking trout in a lake that is unable to sustain them year long is a bit disconcerning when you think about it. That aside I guess I shouldn't be too critical as I do participate in fishing there. 

I spent about an hour and a half fishing Lake Henry, totaled 4 trout, all on a black wooly bugger with fly rod. 

First of the day, quite the acrobat coming in. 

This one seemingly had inflamed gills. Not sure what would cause that. 

Beautiful and largest trout of the day, 1 1/2 lb. 

Another pretty but small Rainbow. 


I know what you mean about the put and take lake fishing. That being said we choose to live in a region where I suppose we should be ecstatic to have any opportunity at all to use the longrod and actually catch a trout without spending $100 in gas! Looks like an awfully good day to me...Jeff