Happy Birthday Walleye

Thursday, June 03, 2010 , , 1 Comments

For this past weekend my parents came down to Lawrence on a surprise visit. Sunday we rented a boat and went fishing for a few hours on Hillsdale Reservoir. Caught plenty of Wiper, Crappie and one Walleye. The most productive lure of the day was by far a Salmo #4 Hornet crankbait in blue and silver. Salmo crankbaits have long been a productive bait for my Dad and I for several years, information we picked up from a guide in Minnesota. They dive between 6-12 feet dependent on how far out they are and have a tight distinct action. 

Here are the pictures:

First Crappie of my Father's life. 

World Record Class Wiper

My Birthday Walleye, just under 3 lbs. Caught on beetle spinner. 

And finally a nice Crappie from Alexander the previous week at Hillsdale. 


Anonymous said...

Haha, Dad must feel vary proud of his big wipe, its twice as big as the big mans fish at the bottom. Is that a beard you are growing there Bryan? And if you really like to write for fun, you should write my thesis paper coming up!! By the way, I love how this is labeled anonymous but I tell you who this is!!