Current River

Monday, January 27, 2014 , , 16 Comments

I met up with fellow bloggers Kevin and Jeff on the Blue Ribbon section of the Current River in southern Missouri. It was a touch on the chilly side but we all came prepared for the weather. Fishing was good, and the river was gorgeous--honestly all that mattered. It was my first trip of the year and it felt great to shake the dust off my rods and feel the tug on my line. Can't wait to fish with these guys again. I always learn something and we had great camaraderie around the fire, even if Kevin thinks Scotch tastes like dirty socks. 

Day 1 

Day one was defined by fishing in gloves, ice on the guides, frozen line, and me fishing far to high in the water column. It was frustrating for sure but as always I learned a lot from Jeff and it would help tremendously the next day.

Sorry for the poor picture. Normally I wouldn't have posted a picture of inferior quality, however, being as this was my first fish of the year I felt obligated to share. 

Ice in the guides, what a pleasure that is…. 

That night we threw articulated streamers in the hopes of some hefty Browns, both Jeff and I got some follows (one of which would have been a personal best for sure) but I was only able to connect with a Rainbow that night. 

Day 2 

The second day went much better for me. Weather was warmer, mid-30's lower 40's. Fish responded well to pheasant tail nymphs. Also managed one on a dry and a small Brown on a streamer. Fishing was a little slow but I still managed nine for the day.

Took advantage of a minor hatch and was able to catch this guy on an elk hair caddis. Hard to beat catching a trout on dry flies in January. 

The Armadillo couldn't have cared less we were there watching him. In addition to the Armadillo we were able to watch several Deer and Bald Eagles from the river as well. 

 Sun came out and I was lucky to be able to hook into this monster trophy sucker...

Time to chuck some chickens. (Peanut Envy) 

Not a big guy but I am always happy to take a wild Brown and throwing streamers at the bank is just a blast regardless.


What a great trip with some nice looking trout and the scenery is a big plus--thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Indeed Bill, it was great getting out of the house and into the water, regardless the temperature.

FishnDave said...

Beautiful fish...and I love that armadillo! :)

Kevin Frank said...

A good day indeed.

Mel Moore said...

Getting out this time of year, with all the weather variables, is an admiral thing. You fellows paid the price and the rewards were well worth it. Thanks for sharing.

Blake said...

the current is on my short list and your photos amplify that

i love your driftless posts as well, nice to see we have traveled some of the same waters

Makes me wonder what a Thin Mint would do.

Atlas said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. It was a great trip! Blake thanks for stopping by for the first time, I hope you stop by again.

J. said...

What fine dirty socks are those that taste like a nice scotch! lol Man, that is a great looking river and some fantastic looking fish! Sounds like a great trip, man!!

Atlas said...

Thanks J, yeah it was a really enjoyable time! Hope to visit again soon, visions of those big browns will haunt my dreams until then.

Kevin Smith said...

Looking forward to the next trip already. I'll bring the jager!

Atlas said...

Kevin, I am willing to wet a line with you anytime. Cant wait tell next time, I am sure we will chase some Smallies together this spring.

Kevin Smith said...

2 words... Crooked Creek!!

Atlas said...

Sounds great Kevin, I have both Crooked Creek and the Buffalo River on my bucket list for this year.

Love the Current River! This makes me want to return to it this year. My best friend and I have decided to explore new water this year, rather than do our regular 40 mile float down the Current.

...I'm thinking I need a short trip to the Current, just for the beauty of it. It's really one of the most beautiful places I've traveled to, thus far.

Atlas said...

I too can't wait to head back to the Current. I have images of those Browns chasing my flies haunting my dreams. Great place and a real treasure for sure.