First Carp of the Year

Sunday, June 17, 2012 , , 4 Comments

I recently went to Clinton Lake to chase some carp for the first time this year and didn't come up disappointed at all. I saw a ton of fish and hooked into three and landed one. Most fish were between 5 feet to as little as 6 inches of water along the dam face. I will admit my largest problem was getting my fly stuck in the rip rap and I lost several flies and even more opportunities. To solve this I started using a hopper/dropper style which kept the fly elevated above the rocks. Once I switched to that I had much more interest from the carp and even had a few drum take interest. The only problem after was an almost immediate spit prior to gaining the hook set. Further, of the three I caught one broke my line, the other came free after a few minutes and the final I ended up catching a tad deeper water with a wooly bugger. It was great fun and I cannot wait to catch more in the coming weeks. I think I am going to try more hopper/dropper style rigs and may tie up some with circle hooks to reduce misses. Also for those wanting a fast/good time with carp and cats, feeders are on at Clinton. 


Gregg said...

Very nice! I use an egg tie, spun and packed glo bug yarn usally a #6, and yellowish, under an indicator and find the fish hold on to the fly well, often hooking themselves. Probably fish that way too often actually.


Gregg said...

One more thing, McTage at flycarpin has had poor success with circle hooks. Keep us posted!


Atlas said...

Greg, thanks for the advice. I will be sure to post how the circle hooks work for carp.

Unknown said...

Solid Carp Man!