The Golden Oriole: Pike Fly

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 , 8 Comments

This fly is my own creation and one of my favorite pike flies. It can be fished quickly, but excels when fished in a stop and go jerking motion over a bed of grass. Colors of course can be modified but orange and black seem stellar in almost all water conditions. Secondly, the braid which connects the two hooks may be modified for wire, however at a cost to the action of the fly. In most scenarios I am comfortable with the abrasion resistance braid affords, especially given the limited exposure between the two hooks. 

  • Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Size 1/0
  • Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Size 4
  • Black 6/0 Thread
  • Black Crystal Flash
  • Orange Crystal Flash
  • Holographic Flashabou
  • Orange Medium Halo Tinsel
  • Black Marabou
  • Orange Marabou
  • Large Brass Conehead
  • Large Black Chenille 
  • 100 lb Braid
  • Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails

Step 1: 
Tie thread into the size 4 hook. 

Step 2: 
Tie several strands of black crystal flash. 

Step 3:
Tie in first black marabou feather.

Step 4: 
Tie in Holographic Flashabou.

Step 5:
Tie in second black marabou feather.

Step 6: 
Tie black crystal flash over second marabou feather.

Step 7: 
Attach one end of the orange holographic tinsel.

Step 8:
Wrap tinsel around the entire front half of the hook shank. Ensure complete coverage. Tie off and cut tinsel. Coat with Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails and let dry. 

Step 9:
Tie braid to eye of hook. 

Step 10: 
Remove size 4 hook from vice. Place size 1/0 hook in vice, slide brass conehead to front. 

Step 11: 
Secure tread to hook. Take the braid attached to the size 4 hook and lay it along the entire shaft of the size 1/0 hook. Wrap braid until it is secure. Coat with Hard as Nails and allow to dry. *Note the segment of braid should be long enough so the eye of the second hook is just past the end of the first hook when the two are straight. 

Step 12: 
Tie in Orange Crystal Flash. 

Step 13:
Tie in 3 Orange Marabou Feathers.

Step 14:
Tie in several strands of orange crystal flash to cover the upper marabou. 

Step 15:
Secure end of black chenille to hook. 

Step 16: 
Wrap two layers of the chenille around shaft of hook. Secure, whip finish and you have now completed the Golden Oriole Pike fly. It should look as pictured. 


Josh said...

Any smallmouth hitting that pattern?

Atlas said...

I would have no doubt that a sized down variation of this pattern would work great on smalls. Current hooks, especially the front would probably be a tad big for most though. Perhaps try in Olive/Black instead for smallies and I bet it would be killer.

That is one awesome pattern; I think it would be deadly for carp. thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Ehh it would be pretty big for carp and is designed more as a streamer. The total length is 5".

Juan said...

That is a FANTASTIC looking fly! you selling?

Atlas said...

J. send me an email a with your address and I will just give you a few. No need to sell them, we as fly fishers need to support one another.

CARF said...

Sweet tie, man!

Atlas said...

Thanks Justin!