Pfuelger President Reel Review

Thursday, September 19, 2013 , , , 4 Comments

The Pfluelger President Spinning reel is high quality reel for a great price. Current MSRP is ranges from $45-$70 depending on the size. Features include 9 stainless steel bearings, graphite frame, instant anti-reverse on/off settings, and stainless steel/felt disc drag system. 

I am tough on gear and fish several times per week during my high season and you cannot beat this reel, in this price range. Drag is smooth and consistent. Easily handles runs from that surprise big fish. Line management for monofilament and braid is superb and spool is equipped to be braid ready. One caveat to this is the reel lip is somewhat shallow for fluorocarbon and its handling is marginal with this line type dependent upon the stiffness of the line. The bail flips back with minimal effort if you start to reel prior to manually resetting it. 

As with all felt drag systems, the felt can be permanently compressed over time so be sure to disengage your drag while storing your reel. Secondly, felt drag systems do break down over time at a faster rate compared to carbon, rulon, or cork. That being said, I cannot overemphasize the smoothness of the drag for the price, excellent value. Decompress your drag and maintence your reel at least yearly and it will last you a long time with little decline in performance. My oldest President is 5 years old, is my most fished spinning outfit, and the drag remains solid and smooth.

Aesthetically I find it to be a pretty sharp looking reel and really like the light metallic blue color. Finish holds up well, despite me banging them around continually. My only critique on the looks is the President used to come with a wooden knob on the handle. Really gave the reel a nice touch. Unfortunately the newer models have a rubber knob, while this certainly improves the grip, I cannot help but remain somewhat sentimental for the older look. 

I own three of these. It is the only reel I own three of. I trust them day in and day out and have for years. For the price you cannot find a better real and really need to jump up at least $100-$150 to get a higher performing reel for which you are mostly upgrading the drag to a carbon or ralon system. 


FishnDave said...

Excellent review!
I mainly use flyfishing gear these days, but I still use spinning gear in certain fishing situations. I've been using Pflueger President reels for at least 10 years, and are my spinning reel of choice. Unlike most reels, these are MORE than worth the money you pay!

Atlas said...

Dave, thanks for the comments. I agree: the Pflueger President is one of those rare instances where the performance exceeds your expectations

I have this reel in my fishing arsenal and really like it's performance. It is most of the best reels that Pfuelger has produced in some time. Thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Bill, thanks for stopping by: and I agree is it one of Pflueger's best reels.