Chasing Little Fellas

Saturday, October 19, 2013 , , 10 Comments

I am a big fish guy: I dream of Muskie, Tarpon, and Permit. Yet I also like a challenge, and to explore when fishing. In the past when I have walked along the Wakarusa River I have always seen countless small fish darting to and fro, curious what they were I decided to fish for them. I put on a tiny mysis shrimp pattern and caught a ton of these little guys. Countless were caught but here a few pictures. 


Nothing wrong with chasing a few sunfish ,no pressure just pure fun!

Love to fish the ponds and slack waters for Sunfish, Bluegill, etc. Lots of fun and hardly ever a skunk. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. Can't beat that!

Nothing wrong with chasing the little guys. Done some of that myself.

Which rod?

Atlas said...

I used my 4wt St Croix Avid. 8 foot.

That sunfish is my all time favorite of all the bream species. It colors are outstanding!!!Thanks for sharing

J. said...

Catching the little guys is a good time. Plus every once in a while something a bit bigger will surprise you. nice little fish!

Atlas said...

Thanks everybody! They may have been small but caused a smile for sure.

FishnDave said...

Those Longear Sunfish are beautiful fish. Wish we had some around here.

Atlas said...

Dave, indeed. This is only the second time I have ever caught longears. Very beautiful fish.