Fall Carp

Wednesday, October 09, 2013 , , 4 Comments

In what may prove to be my last Carp outing of the year, I did well. One of those days where you find a pattern the fish want and they in turn are aggressive on the take. Five Carp were caught in two and a half hours, the second was maybe 4 feet in front of me and I merely lowered my fly in front of his mouth and he took off with it--just one of those days. None were big, unfortunately none of my carp this year have been big. However, I did catch one that was missing one eye. The fly is Mike's Carp Candy, a local favorite, all were caught in 1-2 feet of water. Enjoy. 


Well done! Would love to have a day on Carp like that no matter what the size is. Thanks for sharing.

Atlas said...

Thank you sir. It wasn't a bad day at all.

That orange pattern looks great!

Atlas said...

Thanks, it is an original pattern from a guy in the Local Fly Club.