Black Tailed Devils: DVD Review

Friday, December 27, 2013 , 0 Comments

Black Tailed Devils, is a film about Permit fishing in Key West. Overall its a good movie but I do have a few reservations. But first to the good: the film does a really good job showing the frustration which is inherent to flats fishing and in particular--Permit Fishing. I admit I myself was a little spoiled in that I caught a Permit my second time out, we will call it beginners luck. Having seen many then and since I can attest that they are incredibly spookish, difficult to catch (your presentation must be precise and close), and once you catch one they are incredibly strong. As the film emphasizes: you will remember each and every Permit you catch. Secondly, the film offers a strong conservation message. Several individuals talk towards the end of the dichotomy facing Permit: to flats anglers they are highly treasured and sought after; perhaps even more so than Tarpon and Bonefish, but to commercial fisherman and reef anglers they are simply a food source. A great organization: The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, which I have linked on the side of this blog is doing great conservation work tagging these fish to get an idea of the numbers and longevity of the species. Third, the film includes a lot of quality fish porn. You get plenty of action shots of guys landing permit, casting to them, and superb runs, I promise you will look dream of your own Permit after viewing this. Now to the negative. Firstly, the film tries to present itself as edgy lots of rock and hip-hop background music but then bleeps out any curse words. I mean come on, if you fish you are bound to either have a pirate mouth yourself or be surrounded by those who do. In general we are not a saintly bunch. If they wished to not include curse words then I wish they would have just edited those shots out rather than bleep them, it just serves as a distraction. Secondly, the film is just too short, 27 minutes. Just as you are getting into the action it cuts you off. I really would have appreciated the movie more if it would have spanned 45 minutes to an hour. That said if you like flats fishing and dream of Permit I would say this movie is a must have. It will definitely bring a smile to your face.