So Many Fish, So Little Time: Book Review

Friday, December 27, 2013 , 8 Comments

An absolute treasure. Written by Mark Williams, So Many Fish, So Little Time, is a spectacular resource for any angler. In it he details 1,001 fishing spots around the United States and the World. Primary emphasis is given to the United States, and each chapter is devoted to a particular state. It then details particular hotspots and tucked away treasures in that state. For me it has become one of my favorite fishing resources when traveling and also represents a sort of bucket list that I can drool over and let my imagination run wild for what future trips I may plan. Another great feature offered by the text is a number of urban fishing opportunities that are offered in some of our more populated areas--places you would have never otherwise thought to get a line wet. Thus far of the 1,001 places I have visited 14 thus far. Lets just say I have a long ways to go. Again, the primary benefit of this book is when you travel. It helps you find fisheries and provide tips you may have not otherwise thought of. In fact this summer I used the book to decide on the Frying Pan as my destination of choice when visiting Colorado, and if all goes according to plan I am going to use it again this coming spring for a trip to Arizona. My only critique of the book thus far is listed under Kansas is Lake Jacomo. Unfortunately that is in Missouri, but again it is within an hour of me and will definitely be another trip I plan on taking soon. Do no hesitate on picking up this book, you will not be disappointed. 


Thanks for sharing this piece of info. I think a visit to Barnes and Noble is in my future.

Atlas said...

Bill you will not be disappointed I promise. It is perhaps the greatest fishing resource I have ever found in offering fishing locations for travel or undiscovered ones in your area.

Appreciate the review. The Author has written some other great books also. I will keep my eyes out for this one!

Atlas said...

Mel what else has he written that you would recommend?

Several of his books focus on Colorado, so of course, I am somewhat biased. Here is a link to a pretty good rundown over on Amazon.

Looks like one I'd enjoy. Might have to pick one up for those long cold evenings sitting around waiting on Spring!

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words, y'all. This was my favorite book to write and it's good to see it's still finding some nice homes. BTW, summer's gonna be here before we know it. And the Jacomo thing? Editing team in NYC takes the hit on that one.

Atlas said...

Mark, thank you for checking out my blog, and yes I loved the book. A great gift from my girlfriend that has gotten much use and will be treasured for some time. Thanks for writing it.