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While in Branson with my family I snuck away for a few hours one morning to fish Taneycomo. Unfortunately, the powers at be didn't stick to the posted schedule and water was running high. This meant fast deep moving water and limited availability to wade. Attempted to throw streamers first but the water speed caused them to ride too high in the water column. Switched to a deep nymph rig and caught several trout: all on a zebra midge. Only stayed a limited time as competing with crowds for casting space is just not my cup of tea. Below are a several pictures of a few of the fish. 


I don't believe I've seen a rainbow that colorful with that many black dots on it's body. Beautiful area you were fishing--thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Indeed the bottom trout was gorgeous. Dark, and lots of color. Thanks for the comments.

Some nice looking fish there, Atlas. Competing for open water and casting space is a problem in many, many areas anymore. Woe is us!

Atlas said...

Yeah, during high water you are just so limited at this fishery so a crowded sensation is exaggerated even more. Just something you have to somewhat expect when you fish a tailwater around here.

Juan said...

Dude, you are a pro! You just go to some random river and slay the trout, that's impressive! I wish I had it down that well. I will catch up at some point! haha

Atlas said...

Juan, thanks for the compliments but no I am far from a pro. There are MANY who fish better than I. And don't worry you will soon catch up and be grabbing trout wherever you go as well.

I had the pleasure of taking a vacay with the GF to Branson this past summer. I was able to get out and fish Taney every morning. I wish I would have known the water temp, because, my legs were freezing!

Combat fly fishing is not for me, either. I am still baffled that those guys fish the way they do. I also, found it funny that when the fog would lift, you would see a ton of people fishing, and then the fog would settle back, and they'd disappear.

Atlas said...

As much as I love fishing, elbow to elbow fishing is not my style as you state. I avoid trout parks for this very reason, that said Taney seems to be hit or miss on the crowds. I have been there where there was plenty of room and you could do your own thing and then there was this time-- guys seemingly every 10 ft. My tolerance for it was low and so I left.