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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 11 Comments

In my previous post I mentioned a fly pattern called an electric chicken, a few of you asked to see what it looks like so I thought I would share with you not only that pattern but also a few of the other patterns I have been tying this week. Hope you enjoy: 

Electric Chicken: Can either be tied using pink and chartreuse marabou on a jig or clouser style using pink and chartreuse buck tail. 

Hog Snare 

 Panty Dropper 


We call Electric Chicken's tutti frutti's down here.

Atlas said...

Haha, I think I like that name even better. Either way man it is a trout slayer. Thanks for the comment.

Blake said...

they have a lot of plastics in the electric chicken color scheme pink and chartreuse

that combo must be a universal fish slayer, nice flies

We actually use them for shad and striped bass. They are the only thing that works sometimes.

Atlas said...

Crazy, thanks guys I appreciate the feedback and will have to try with other species.

Electric Chicken looks like it could produce in warm water areas as well. Nice work at the bench--thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Bill glad I could share it with you let us know if you try it out.

Mel said...

I am liking the looks of the fly, too. Have not tied or fished one, but, I could see the color combinations being fruitful on Colorado Panfish and Bass. Will have to let you know later on. Thanks for sharing.

Atlas said...

Not a problem Mel, glad you like them.

CARF said...

Some nice ties, man! Diggin' the "Panty Dropper"

Atlas said...

Thanks Justin I appreciate the feedback. Haven't tried that pattern yet but am hoping to throw it at some Pike this summer.