Success at Shawnee

Saturday, March 15, 2014 , , 8 Comments

Those of you who follow this blog regularly know there is one local lake that has had my number for years, Lake Shawnee. As illustrated by these posts: Frustration at Lake Shawnee & Thanksgiving Fishing and countless other trips, while I would catch fish I just couldn't catch trout there. Well this week the fishing gods decided to turn their favor towards me. I not only was successful but caught some nice sized, albeit scrappy fish. Two things helped: first I took my Kayak (why I hadn't before I have no clue), and they went absolutely crazy for a fly called an electric chicken. Lost a nice fish before I was able to bring it to hand but that was a lesson in having your net accessible. It was a good day and felt good to get my skunk off at that particular fishery.


Real nice Rainbow! That is the kind of fish in early season that gives us all hope for a good year on the water.

Not familiar with the fly pattern. How about giving us a description and materials list.

Atlas said...

It is simple. Pink marabou atop yellow marabou either clouser style or on a jig.

I am with Mel on this one, I have never heard of this pattern either. Can you post an image? Nice trout landed, thanks for sharing

I grew up in Kamloops, B.C. fishing for lake trout. We used to flip over logs and use large bugs or what may have been larva of some sort. Then we started using glass rods with a few nymph patterns.

Pink & Green. Always good trout colors. Mel, Bill, go out and Google electric chicken fly. There is about 100 pictures.

Atlas said...

Mel and Bill if you guys want I can post the fly no problem just let me know otherwise as Mark said you can google it as its a super simple. Just let me know.
And Josh, yeah I actually typically have tried nymph type flies and guys have done well there on them just for me it hasn't worked out until the other day.

Jay said...

That first one is a nice Rainbow. Congrats on your success!

Atlas said...

Thank you sir!