Tenkara: A Second Take

Friday, May 02, 2014 , , 8 Comments

First of all, a big thank you to Michael over at Troutrageous for his Tenkara advice and for sending me a few of his hand tied Kebari, pictured below. If you haven't been to Michael's page be sure to check it out. Lots of great information, humor, and links over there. 

So yes, Tenkara fishing round two. This time around was much more successful. Landed four Crappie and lost three. Enjoyed it a lot more this outing but it still feels a bit ... alien. All new things take time I am sure. My biggest obstacle was learning how to fight the fish and bring them in, hence I lost those three. I felt with the long rod I wasn't able to get the hooksets I otherwise was used to and felt clumsy bringing them in. Beyond that I had a good time. The fish were a tad bigger this time, and thus more fun on the other end. Still getting use to the "retrieve" and the feel of the rod. Look forward to trying it on some Bluegill perhaps next time, but more than anything, I feel the real verdict will come when I can try it on moving water. All in all it was a successful and fun trip. 


Mark Kautz said...

I've been fishing with my Iwana for a couple years now and what I've found is that missed strikes are when I've been distracted by something as simple as moving your foot around. Seems like that exact second is when they hit and you miss them. For me, it's a very attention intensive way to fish.

Atlas said...

Mark, indeed it does seem like a very attentive method of fishing. Fun on the long rod when you do catch them though.

Crappie on the Tenkara, who would have thought. I could see where it would take some getting use to landing a crappie and a bluegill could prove a little more challenging than the crappie. You got me thinking about fishing a Tenkara. Thanks for sharing

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Atlas said...

Bill, it is a different form of fishing for sure. But once the fish are one it is sure a lot of fun.

Mel said...

Like anything new,as you mentioned,it takes time to learn to ride the bike so to speak. So it will be with Tenkara. The only problem is I am too old to ride a brand new bike. Very nice looking Crappie, Bryan. I encourage you to give it all you got.

Atlas said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mel, I sure will. It feels a tad odd stylistically, but I am having fun.

Juan said...

I've been fortunate enough to be able to use a Tenkara rod with Mark. Its pretty cool. I have yet to catch a trout with it. lost one the first time I tried it out. good times! nice job on the crappie, man!