This Never Happened...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 , , 4 Comments

The following is simply a figment of your imagination, it never happened, but if it had, well it would have been epic. Now in this dream, lies a make believe place entitled Clinton Lake and on it Clinton Marina. Day and night, swirling underneath the marina are large Carp, fattened off the fodder thrown to them by the marina's staff. The staff regards them with amusement and likens them to pets, there to entertain patrons. Any attempt to fish for these cherished Cypriniformes would be met with hostility and bereavement; and so the Carp lived imbecilic lives, unaware that in waters surrounding them laid anglers eager to catch them.

And so this continued: until one day a particular angler learned that the Marina would be closed on a certain day, leaving the Carp unguarded and vulnerable to his craft. Eager to capitalize on this opportunity, the young angler stealthily floated his kayak into position alongside the marina and cast to the unsuspecting Carp. Now if this had really happened, perhaps this would have been the result:

6 lb Carp. Topwater Fly.

Caught plenty of these guys as well. 

6 1/2 lb Carp. Photo kindly taken by a curious slip owner.

Picture doesn't do this guy justice. He would have been a tad unruly in the Kayak. 9 pounds. 

Welcome to Dreamland. 


FishnDave said...

Fantastic! Well ;o)
There's a similar situation here, and the carp average size is the same as your 7-to-9 pounders. But there are a few noticeably LARGER ONES...that haunt my dreams...and have wrecked my tackle!

Unknown said...

Loved the story!

Atlas said...

Dave, I am glad that you enjoyed it and I know exactly what you mean. I can't wait to find a time to sneak back and hook into some of those that I know are well over 10 lbs, maybe even 15.

Atlas said...

Jeremy- Thanks, I had a bit of creative license with this one for sure.