Happy Easter

Sunday, April 20, 2014 , , , 7 Comments

Spent some time with my Dad fishing a new pond this Easter. More or less we were just trying out his new rod, an 8 weight TFO TiCr X, that my family gave him for his birthday. The rod was way more than required for these fish, but it is always fun to cast a new stick. 


Happy Easter (a little late). Always good to be out with Dad.

That first Bluegill has incredible pretty markings. Good to see you get into some Bass, too. Wooly Bugger type flies?

Anytime one can land bluegill and bass with the fly is always a plus. Glad you guys had success. thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Mark, indeed it is always a pleasure to be able to spend time with my Dad fishing.

Atlas said...

Mel, yes, that Bluegill was incredibly beautiful. I am going to go out again today to try and catch some more like it.

Atlas said...

Thanks for the comment Bill.

Atlas said...

Mel, sorry I forgot to answer your question. The flies were Wooly Buggers and Clousers.