One Fly Tournament 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 , 2 Comments

The Free State Fly Fishing Club held its annual One Fly Tournament this past week. Last year I one with 44 fish and was hoping to hold onto my title. The rules are simple: it is essentially a numbers tournament; most fish wins, only fly fishing is allowed, and you are only allowed one fly; lose the fly and you're out. 

I tied the same fly as last year with what would turn out to be one regrettable twist. I used a larger hook this year. The hook had a wider gap and was much sharper, which I was hoping would result in a higher hook up percentage. This was a mistake, I had forgotten the size of the bass in this pond--I don't believe anyone caught a fish over a pound with most presenting a far more diminutive stature. Time and time again I felt a fish on only to have if come off a few seconds later, my belief is that it was on the tail of the fly and never got past the hook, this in turn probably cost me countless fish. Overall I ended up with 19 Largemouth Bass and One Green Sunfish. Proverbially, what they say is probably true: if its not broke, don't fix it. 

Regardless, I had a blast and the food spread after is enough to make even the most stoic angler salivate. Congratulations to Big Mike on winning this year with 27 fish. 

The fly I tied, a variation off the Crappie Candy. 

Stan and Will. Some of my friendly competitors. 

Average size of the Bass, as you can see the fly may be a tad oversized. 


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Thank you very much sir,I appreciate the kind words. Let me know if you keep getting an error and maybe there is something I can do on my end.