Maroon Bells

Thursday, August 22, 2013 , 5 Comments

The Maroon Bells are perhaps one of the most photographed areas in Colorado and for good reason. These mountains, and the accompanying lakes are gorgeous. The Bells are two peaks: Maroon Peak (14,156 ft) and North Maroon Peak (14,014), made of mudstone which gives them the purplish tint. Near Aspen, the easiest way to get to the area is by way of the bus departing from the Highland's Ski lodge. The cost is $6 per person and it takes approximately 20 minutes. If you would prefer to drive you must arrive between 5 PM and 9 AM. The cost is $10 per vehicle. Once there a short hike takes you down to Maroon Lake and the iconic view of the two peaks. If you wish to hike more there are three trails present: The Maroon Lake Scenic trail (2.4 miles), Crater Lake trail (4.2 miles), and the Maroon Creek trail (7 miles). Due to time constraints, though we wanted to initially hike the Crater Lake trail, Jane and I opted for the Scenic Trail, also known in some maps as the Falls Trail. The trail is very easy and short. The path is heavily travelled but the surrounding landscape keeps the feeling serene. Here are the pictures of our hike. 

View of the Bells from where you get off the bus. 

To the left of the Bells stands Pyramid Peak. 

To the right are these majestic red cliffs. 

Maroon Lake

Following the path around the lake you will come to a bridge that crosses the stream which feeds Maroon Lake. 

Trout are present in both the stream and the lake. Unfortunately I didn't bring my fly rod but others did. 

The scenic trail follows the stream.

Following the bridge crossing the stream, you enter an Aspen forest. 

This is where the trail ends and starts looping back. We were a tad disappointed but perhaps in spring there is actual water running here. 

The end of the loop does offer a closer view of the Bells though. 

*Photo credits shared between my girlfriend Jane and I. 


Mark Kautz said...

Very, very nice. Got to get to Colorado one of these days.

Atlas said...

I hadn't been in years but was so glad I went.

Mel said...

Outstanding post and beautiful shots of beautiful Colorado. I live here and I am still in aw.

Atlas said...

Thank you for your comments. It is indeed a very beautiful state, you are lucky to live there.

It is amazing how beauty this place is, there is nothing like this in the south--thanks for sharing