Frustration at Lake Shawnee

Sunday, November 10, 2013 , , 5 Comments

Lake Shawnee, has consistently produced Kansas state record Rainbow Trout. Last year alone it was broken twice. Currently it stands 15.43 lbs, not bad for a plains state. However I just seem to have really poor luck when I have gone. I seemingly can travel all around the world catching not only trout but a multitude of other species. Yet the lake, one of the few in which trout live year round in Kansas, 20 miles from my home still remains out of reach me when it comes to catching trout. Trout season open Nov. 1st and this will be my third year attempting to catch one. Unfortunately this time frame also falls directly when school kicks into high gear, but I still manage around three trips each season. This is the year I am hoping to break the pattern. 

I had two and a half hours to spare Saturday, yet when I arrived the water was heavily clouded with a bad case of cyanobacteria, making visibility quite poor. I tried several coves: yet no trout were caught. I wasn't skunked however and caught three bluegill, still I left frustrated with my Shawnee Trout still beyond my reach. 


Mel said...

Hard to understand why the Trout would be so hard on you. Are you fly fishing or spin fishing for them? Gotta' love the Bluegill though. It hardly ever send you home skunked.

BTW, would be interested in trading blog links with you so we can share some readers. Let me know what you think.

Atlas said...

Yeah it is frustrating, everywhere I go whether the Frying Pan, White River, or Driftless: I have been able to be successful--yet this lake has been an anomaly.

And yes we can share links for sure. I will throw a link up on my blog roll right now.

Thanks for following my blog. I checked out your photography site. Incredible photos! I don't just say that either. I think you have a unique style.

Atlas said...

Well thank you sir. I appreciate the feedback.

Juan said...

Great looking lakeside! nice little bluegills too! you will nail those rainbows soon, man!! and no worries on the delay with the flies, I just appreciate you taking the time to tie them and send them to me. You're a good guy!