The Niangua

Monday, February 18, 2013 , , 4 Comments

This post if long overdue. I have had some health issues as of late which have delayed any postings. Anyhow, about a month ago I met up with Jeff, a local angler and fellow blogger and journeyed to the Ozarks for some much needed trout fishing on the Niangua River. It was an incredibly pleasant day for January and we found the river completely to ourselves. Trout were caught by both of us and I caught a few other small fish as well. More importantly than anything for me I learned a lot from Jeff, had a great day on the water and look forward to future trips with him. You can check out Jeff's blog here: High Plains Fly Fisher and his own account of the trip here

The Niangua is a tributary of the Osage river and has been stocked with both Rainbow and Brown Trout. It is classified as a White Ribbon Trout Stream by the Missouri Department of Conservation, meaning it is a stocked stream but less intensively than a trout park, no tackle restrictions are present. 

Both Jeff and I brought boats to float the river, but I miscalculated and forgot my waders at the house and so was somewhat debilitated by my inability to stop and carefully fish individual holes--lesson learned. 

My first fish, nothing too sexy. A new species for me nonetheless: Common Shiner, Luxilus cornutus.

Don't be too dismayed as I still was able to catch some trout. Though I still have a lot to learn from Jeff when it comes to these Missouri waters. 

Second new species of the trip: Bleeding Shiner, Luxilus zonatus.

This Rainbow did not wish to cooperate with the camera. I will note that Jeff did pick up a Brown on this trip, for the time being they have eluded me on this fishery. Next time Niangua, next time...


We'll do it again soon...enjoyed it.

Beautiful area you guys were fishing. What size are the stock trout? The bleeding shinner is colorful. Glad you guys had a great trip. I have added your site to my blog. Hope to read about more great outings thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Jeff, I look forward to it. Maybe we can get some stability in the weather soon.

Atlas said...

Bill, the trout were not too large. I didn't measure mine but I would say in the range of 10"-12". And yes that bleeding shiner was an incredibly beautiful fish. Thanks for the add.