Playing with Panfish

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 , , 7 Comments

Nothing too sexy, just an afternoon chasing panfish on the fly. Wouldn't touch topwater but nailed the nymphs. Always a good time. Leave tomorrow for Arizona for some hiking and fishing for Wild Rainbows in Lee's Ferry. Stay tuned.


Looks like a good day to me...have fun in Arizona , look forward to seeing the report.

I presume the spawn is all over, it is here. Usually after the spawn the better bluegill go deep; nice color on the male you landed. Have a safe trip in Arizona, looking forward to a report

Pond Stalker said...

Some nice Bluegill there for your time on the pond. Can't beat that in my book. Arizona should be fun this time of year. Let us know how it goes.................

Any time on the water is bonus no matter what you're catching. Have a blast in Arizona.

RM Lytle said...

Have fun in Arizona! Panfish are quite fun on flies, as my father always says "they don't need to be big or picky to have fun".

Kevin Smith said...

Have fun in AZ. I still enjoy a day of just looking for pan fish. Always just fun to do.

Man, I've got to start hitting the bluegills with my panfish rod. Fun, fun, fun.