Mission Ice Fishing Success

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 , 3 Comments

For as often as I fish, I have never really ice fished. For years I have been wanting to change this and even bought an auger and some ice fishing gear, the problem is, for the past few years Kansas has received little to no ice. So this year I decided to change that and when I went up to Iowa for Christmas this year I was prepared, unfortunately I had no clue what I was doing and just ended up sitting in the middle of Rock Creek State Park on a cold bucket... so when I got a call from my buddy Cody to join him on the ice back up in Iowa I jumped at the opportunity. This time things went a little better, no huge fish but fish nonetheless and that is all I was hoping for. 

Compared to my bucket, this was the Ritz Carleton. 

First fish on ice!

As you can see, these guys were monsters. That hole is 8" across. All fish were caught on micro-jigs tipped with wax worms. 

Best part about ice fishing, you don't have to worry about your beer getting warm. 

Mostly we caught green sunfish, with a few bluegill mixed in. 

Chris preparing himself for a kiss. 

Brandy's turn. 


Something I have never done, but like you I think I would enjoy it. Color gills there, how deep was the ice? thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

About 8" depth, they say you need 4" to safely walk on the ice.

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