Family Fishing off Key West

Friday, June 21, 2013 , , 0 Comments

While in Key West as a family we went out together for a short trip, fishing off the reefs. Nothing too glamorous, but it was fun to fish together as a family and I was quite delighted to watch my sister catch several fish. We only had 2 hours, subtract the boat ride and things were a bit rushed but the guide put us on fish and we had fun. In the future I would recommend at least a 4 hour trip if you are in the area to maximize the money you spend on the water fishing vs a boat ride. Upon leaving the harbor we did see dozens of Tarpon rolling, but were unable to convince any to bite. I think my mother and sister enjoyed seeing the Tarpon and were impressed by their behavior and size. I think my sister caught five or six fish and I caught four. Again nothing too sexy or sizable but considering the short time allotment, not too bad either. 

My sister with a Porkfish. 

My dad fishing for Tarpon on the way out. 

Black Grouper, a new species for me. 

My mother may have not fished but she proved to be an excellent fish photographer. 

Sara with her 2nd Gray Snapper. 

My first Knobbed Porgy, Calamus nodosus.

My sister with a nice bend in the rod, Black Grouper on the other side of the line.

Rather than create a separate post, because it really doesn't need one, I thought I would also include a note about my trip to Bahia Honda. I fished the mangroves there and only caught one fish. A tiny guy. My trip was very short due to getting stuck waist deep in the mud. On a rising tide this proved enough of an adrenaline rush to scare me off for the day.