Key West 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 1 Comments

The image to the left pretty much sums up my latest trip to Key West. A tropical depression sat on us the entire week, eventually becoming tropical storm Andrea and left us with rain at least for a portion of every day we were there. I had scheduled 2 days with Keys guide Mike Bartlett with a flexibility between three days of openings but due to weather was only able to fish part of one morning. The palolo worm hatch had just occurred a few days prior and Tarpon were everywhere. It was really neat to see them porpoising in large schools. Fish ranged from 30 lbs to 200 lb +. Of the few hours we were able to fish for them, both my Dad and I were able to get a Tarpon to eat. Me a tiny guy and my father a notably large one, but even with them eating the fly we were not able to seal the deal. In some ways this was frustrating as you feel you learn from your mistakes but then due to weather we were not able to implement the changes. I did fish a little and had success earlier in the week in Miami, the previous post, and as a family we did a short two hour reef fishing trip on conventional and were successful, which will be the post to follow. Fishing is never a given but given the limited time one from Kansas has on the flats you always hope the weather will be ideal when you do get those opportunities. I was happy to get a Tarpon to eat and have noticed my cast has improved and precision, but still am obsessed in my pursuit of Bonefish, of which we saw none. Perhaps next time. 


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