Driftless Doldrums

Sunday, June 23, 2013 2 Comments

June has not been favorable to me in the fishing world. Two trips planned that had great potential and two trips that turned out far less fulfilling than I would have liked. First, was the Keys earlier in the month and second was my trip up north to the Driftless region in Iowa. They had recieved heavy rain over the course of a few weeks and there was much flooding in the region. This had two impacts for me: first the streams which are normally gin clear were muddier than the Mississippi, secondly, the gnats--were horribly bad and even for a devout angler such as myself were thick enough to drive me away from several streams. Then I got sick and spent an entire day in the tent. Sorry for the bitching-fest, I am done. Trout were caught on the Waterloo and South Bear but nothing too notable, all small stockers, except--my girlfriend caught her first Brown. I was perhaps more excited than she was and in all the rush for me to get the camera ready we lost the fish prior to getting a shot. However, a weekend camping with a woman you love that loves to fish, well, perhaps that's enough to take you out of the doldrums and help you appreciate what you have rather than what you want. Another lesson learned through fishing. And for the Driftless, well I already have another trip planned for this fall. 


Take heart, you are only 1 in 10guys who has the pleasure to fish with their best friend and hopefully your wife one day. I wish my wife love fishing as much as me----you are one lucky guy to get your girl friend out on a camping and fishing trip---hang on to this girl!! thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Indeed, I feel quite lucky. She is pretty amazing and it is wonderful to spend time with someone with an equal appreciation of the outdoors.