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Fished Taneycomo the other day. First time to the fishery and had a good time fishing with my father. I caught five rainbows in a couple of hours, four of which were on a red zebra midge. Water was running zero units. As I pride myself on generally taking good photos of my adventures I must apologize upfront--I didn't have my underwater camera with me on this trip and ended up dropping my camera in the water, so I didn't get many shots off and the singular shot of a trout is far from sexy. We will see how the camera fares, for the moment it is covered in rice. 

Anyhow, I had planned on returning the next day to float a stretch in my kayak but the weather turned on us and dropped snow and freezing rain, not conditions my father thought were particularly favorable. All things considered I wouldn't mind returning, particularly as I hear the night bite for Browns is stellar. 

My father attempting to lure some trout. 

 Rainbow on red zebra midge. I warned you, not exactly a quality shot. Dropped the camera a few seconds after this was taken. 


Looks like fun...it's a great fishery for both numbers and size of fish. My only issue with it is the small amount of wadeable water and the trout park like crowds at times.

Atlas said...

Oh I didn't even think of that. I bet the place does get a little hectic during the height of the season with it being so close to Branson.