Table Rock

Saturday, March 23, 2013 , , 2 Comments

On wednesday I headed out with a guide on Table Rock near Branson for some bass fishing with my father. We fished from 3 to 7 and despite the cold strong winds ended up catching 15+ bass. The bass we caught were a combination of Spotted and Largemouth Bass, which was fun due to the fact that I had never caught a Spotted Bass before and allowed me to add to the life list. 

Most of the fish were suspended in 20 ft of water. Bass are between the winter pattern and pre-spawn staging. My father used a crawdad patterned Wiggle Wart and I used an Alabama Rig with white swimbaits. The trip was enjoyable despite the weather and for me it was particularly memorable as the last fish of the trip was a 5 lb Largemouth, tying my personal best.

First Spotted Bass of my life. Easiest way to differentiate them from Largemouth's despite a similar appearance is the presence of a tooth patch on their tongue, much like White Bass. 

I assure you my father typically doesn't wear hats that make him look like a Conehead. Spotted Bass. 

Little football Spotted. 

An arm of Tablerock. Water clarity was a couple of feet. 

He kinda looks surprised to have caught this one. 

Tied for personal best, 5 lb Largemouth. Earlier I lost a fish that may have beaten this one in size. 


Spotted Bass are my go to bass on my home waters of Smith Lake----now you know what kind of fight this fish puts up---like a Smallie--thanks for sharing

Atlas said...

Yeah they did put up quite a fight indeed, especially when they smashed into that Alabama Rig! Often felt like a much bigger fish.