Trappers Camp

Wednesday, March 06, 2013 , 1 Comments

Took a day trip to Trappers Camp in Missouri, on the banks of Truman Lake. With temperatures in the mid 30's and winds gusting to 27 mph it seemed like a great day to go rock climbing. Actually it was terribly cold, and being exposed on a rock face in clothing loose enough to climb made it a borderline miserable. We only had time for two routes. The first was a 5.9 + but I didn't attempt it due to it being a trad route and I would like to get more sport climbing experience first. The second route was a 5.10c which I lead but was only able to get halfway up. Somewhat disappointed in my performance but was glad to get out and be on a wall. One final note on climbing at Trappers camp, there is a lot of loose rock and the wall itself is somewhat choss. I would recommend wearing a helmet there. Something I didn't do, I got hit with one small rock and narrowly missed another of much greater size. Will be down in Arkansas in a few weeks climbing at Horseshoe Canyon. Greatly looking forward to it. Here are the pictures of the day: 

Seth climbing the 5.9+

And he sends it! 

Rob rappelling. 

Truman Lake

Kasi on belay. 

Seth on belay for me. 

Yours Truly. 

The path down to the routes. 

Truman Lake at Sunset. 


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